“I have visited Sheree on 3 separate occasions, all with positive results. Firstly, for a sore lower back after sleeping awkwardly, problem solved immediately. Secondly, after a day’s competition and prior to another competition to unwind and relax me, so relaxed I qualified for the final in first place. My latest visit was during a training weekend where I had been shooting all day and my muscles were too relaxed and I could no longer hold my position. A very good wake up massage did just that and got me back as if it was the start of the day. Made to feel welcome and at ease throughout.”

Zoe Bruce – British Army and Rifle shooter


“Throughout the session Sheree was a consummate professional, but with the added strength of being friendly and considerate, with her client’s interest being of primary importance. From the onset, Sheree took time to check I was comfortable with the environment, not too hot or cold and checked as to my general health and if I had any pre-conditions or past injuries. She checked I was comfortable to remove my shirt and if I preferred to sit in a chair or lie on the treatment table.

During the treatment Sheree continued to check I was comfortable and that the pressure being applied from the massage was not excessive, asking me to rate it on a scale of 1 – 10 and even provided little support cushions for my arms. It was this attention to detail that made the experience stand out, and coupled with the general feeling of relaxation I gained from the session, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheree.”

Nick Clark


“I had been suffering with tension headaches for some days, and so I decided to give a  head massage a go, and contacted Sheree Phelps. I am so glad that I tried it… Sheree’s technique was exceptionally relaxing, I found it to be soothing and calming, relieving my head ache and easing the tension built up in my muscles. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I have not had a head ache since, but know that when I next get stressed out, before popping the paracetamol, Sheree will be my first port of call. Sheree is a friendly, welcoming, professional, and I was impressed with her understanding of her massage’s and what techniques could be employed to counter the tension in my facial an head muscles. I would defiantly recommend her to others.”

Colin Griffiths


I had a lovely massage which really helped me relax and get a better nights sleep. I was feeling very anxious and stressed and Sheree went to so much trouble to finding the right music and to bringing everything to my house the second time. Sheree is lovely and very professional as well as kind understanding and helpful.

Christine Griffiths


I had a massage from Sheree that concentrated on my back and shoulders, I found it very therapeutic and I felt like it got the knots out. Sheree was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend podium therapies.

Charlotte Ede


Thank you Sheree for my wonderful massage on my legs. It helped immensely with the tight muscles and reduced the ache i was feeling. Sheree is very proffessional but with a relaxed and welcoming feel to put you at ease

Anghared Farley


Sheree is a great therapist, I had trouble with my shoulders and back due to driving a lot of miles last year. Sheree knew exactly what to do and did it very effectively. Would be happy to be treated from Sheree anytime just a shame there is now a 4 1/2 hour car journey between us. Great work Sheree!!

Rob Jamieson


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